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Real-World Schedules

Find great new locations to fly by viewing real-world flight schedules within Volanta. Our data uses a real-world aviation feed, meaning we can provide up to a weekly refresh of our schedules, depending on real-world traffic.

Picking a route is easy - just choose a departure airport and Volanta will visualise all available destinations from that airport. All you need to do is choose an arrival airport and you will be shown a list of real-world flights that have taken place on that route. After clicking a flight, you can then see even more details like the local departure and arrival times, and terminal+gate assignments for some airports.

The built-in roster shows a list of your upcoming flights. Flight schedules can be added to your roster with a simple click. Plan a day of flying with only a few clicks.

Volanta Schedules
Volanta Parties

Flight Parties

  1. Fly with up to 10 people
  2. Draw on the map together in real-time
  3. Easily copy flight plans
  4. See party member flight plan PDFs
  5. Text chat for sending small notes
  6. Only the host needs Premium
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Cloud Auto-Saves

Ever get that annoying CTD, or run out of memory? Our cloud saves and backup system gives Premium users the chance to reclaim their flight, without having to start from the beginning.

Simply load the saved flight within Volanta (or in the sim directly) and it will bring you back to where you left off. Currently supported in FSX, P3D and MSFS.

Volanta Autosave
Volanta Screenshots

Cloud Screenshots

  1. Choose your favourite screenshots to be uploaded
  2. Screenshots are geotagged on the map
  3. Unlimited 4K screenshots on every flight
  4. Keep your screenshots safe between PC reinstalls
  5. Screenshots are always organised and accessible from anywhere
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More features at your fingertips

All of our Volanta Premium features are designed to compliment each other and integrate seamlessly. Consolidate your pre-flight routine by using Volanta Premium.

Volanta Mobile

Aircraft Persistence

Building on the Cloud Saves feature, Volanta automatically saves your aircraft state after every flight. Your aircraft remember where they are, so you can get back in and fly from exactly where you left them. Currently supported in FSX, P3D and MSFS.

Remote Pause

Can't make it back to the sim in time? Premium members now have the ability to pause/un-pause their sim from any device. Remember, all users can access a mobile-friendly Volanta!

Time Sync

Sync your simulator to your real time zone with a simple checkbox. A feature which eliminates deviations within the default simulator time system. Available for FSX and P3D.

Premium Status

Show off your status with dedicated Premium icons, Premium status in our Discord Server and gain access to exclusive time-limited Orbx discounts.

Persistent Flight Plans

If you've planned your flight with SimBrief, we'll permanently save the plan to your account - even after it's removed from SimBrief's server. You'll always be able to review your past flight plans.


Always Free

  1. Intuitive tracking system
  2. SimBrief import functionality
  3. Cloud Screenshots
    3 per flight, resized to 1920x1080
  4. Unique country/airport challenges
  5. Interactive 2D & 3D map
  6. Aircraft manager
  7. Online traffic filters
  8. Weather radar (rain & icing)
  9. Friends list
  10. Aerocaches
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AU$6.35 + tax

  1. Everything in Volanta Free, plus:
  2. Real-World Schedules
  3. Flight Parties
  4. Remote Pause
    FSX, P3D, XP
  5. Cloud Auto Saves
    FSX, P3D, MSFS
  6. Aircraft Persistence
    FSX, P3D, MSFS
  7. Unlimited 4K Cloud Screenshots
  8. Time Sync
    FSX, P3D
  9. Premium Badge & Status

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