Update v1.9 — Schedules update, Planespotters images, aircraft image galleries, ATIS panels and more!

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Volanta is an easy-to-use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims.
Volanta Overview
Take flight with our easy-to-use interface, which takes all the paperwork out of setting up a flight in your simulator - leaving you more time to enjoy your flight.


Volanta keeps track of your aircraft, anywhere in the world. Each aircraft has its own location, flight history, image, and accumulates flight hours (along with many other statistics).
Volanta Aircraft

Intelligent Tracking

Flight tracking is at Volanta's core, so we've put a lot of thought into efficiently tracking flights, so you can focus on what's important. We call this "get in and fly".
Volanta Tracking

Friends and profiles

One of the most rewarding aspects of flight simulation is flying with others. Volanta makes this fast and easy with our built-in friend system.
Volanta Profile


Always Free

Explore Volanta's free features

  • Intuitive tracking system
  • SimBrief import functionality
  • Cloud Screenshots
    3 per flight, resized to 1920x1080
  • Unique country/airport challenges
  • Interactive 2D & 3D map
  • Aircraft manager
  • Online traffic filters
  • Weather radar (rain & icing)
  • Friends list
  • Aerocaches
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Premium Icon Premium

Upgrade for more features

  • Real-world schedules
  • Flight Parties
  • Mobile App
  • Customized Stream Overlays
  • Flight Replay
  • Remote Pause
  • Cloud Auto Saves
    FSX, P3D, MSFS 1
  • Aircraft Persistance
    FSX, P3D, MSFS
  • Unlimited 4K Cloud Screenshots
  • Time Sync
    FSX, P3D
  • Premium Badge & Status
  • Aircraft Image Galleries
1 MSFS autosave only supported for aircraft with the ability to load saved states. This can be tested by manually saving and loading into a flight in the simulator.
AU $6.35 + tax per month, billed monthly
Save 15%
AU $63.50 + tax per year, billed yearly
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We want to see Volanta grow into a tool everyone in our community uses.